aka Mallory Rush



There Will Be Killing

Published by The Story Plant:


There Will Be Killing (with John L. Hart) 











Originally Published by Bantam Books (and now available as e-books from ePublishingWorks on Amazon):


Bad Boy of New Orleans  


Behind Closed Doors  

Date With the Devil

I Do!

Saints and Sinners

Hurts So Good

Shotgun Wedding

Pistol In His Pocket


Published by Doubleday/Fanfare:


Moonlight, Madness, and Magic
with Suzanne Forster and Charlotte Hughes 


Published by Dorchester/Leisure Books:


INDULGENCES/ A Quiver of Sighs
with Connie Bennett, Thea Devine, Evelyn Rogers 


Published by Harlequin Books (as Mallory Rush):


Love Slave

Love Game

        OUTLAWS AND HEROES / Danger and Desire anthology
        with Joan Johnston and Dallas Schulze

Kiss of the Beast

Between the Sheets

Love Play

OFF LIMITS / Love Game and Love Play (double volume reprints)





Published by HCI Books:


As collaborator:


Zig-zagging: Loving Madly, Losing Badly, How Ziggy Saved My Life
by Tom Wilson


Google Bomb
by John Dozier, Esq. and Susan Scheff


As series developer


True Vows Reality Based Romance

Hard to Hold by Julie Leto

Meet Me In Manhattan by Judith Arnold

The Icing On The Cake by Alison Kent 

Work of Heart by Cindi Myers
Victoria’s Got a Secret
by HelenKay Dimon

It Happened on Maple Street by Tara Taylor Quinn